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Writing and Research Resources

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Formatting Your Paper
MLA Template: Word
or Google Docs

MLA 8 Works Cited How-to

MLA - General Formating

Works Cited example from each of our databases

MLA Guidelines, Research, & Citation Info
OWL @ Purdue University (overview visual)
     MLA Citations   Research How-to
      Sample MLA Paragraph with citations

       Thesis & MLA Formatting Cheat Sheet

 NoodleTools (for citations & electronic notecards)
    Registration how-to video 
    Works Cited/Adding Sources:
how-to video  doc
       - adding a formatted citation

- how-to video  doc


   Source Evaluations

   for all your non-print/non-database sources
   link for assessing sources & evaluation assignemnt

Academic Honesty Policy - How-To